Sunday, January 15, 2012

Alliteration in poems

Definition: When two or more words in a poem begin with the same letter or sound.
Alliteration is very important role in poetry and literature. Alliteration is a type of literary's tool that repeats a speech sound in a sequence of words that are close to each other. Alliteration typically uses consonants at the beginning of a word to give stress to its syllable. Alliteration can use in Nursery Rhymes, Tongue Twisters, Children's Books and in Advertising . And it is very helpful, especially to make children laugh.

The alliteration was used in poetry and literature many years ago, it appeared at the time when literature was born. It was applied in the 8th century poems. Alliteration was widely used in the writings of the most ancient Germanic and Norse, including the prose, Edda.

An alliteration poem would simply be a poem with alliteration in it. Alliteration provides rhyme for a poem. Poems that use alliteration may read with more interest and appeal.Poems with alliteration can be easier to remember. Alliteration give flow, structure, and excitement to any piece of writing.

Today, people use alliteration to make children’s stories more fun to read out loud or to make slogans more memorable. You can use an alliteration poem to teach or warning or suggest your children, they may easier understand and everything not become too harsh. Many advertisers use this tool to create witty and memorable catchphrases. It’s a fun play of words that brings out the imagination of the the reader and writer.

To understand the meaning of alliteration let take a look at examples of alliteration in poems.
#1: While Candy cooked cauliflower with clover
Candy’s cat chased Cameron all over.
Cameron complained about the cat
Candy said, “Sorry I’ll send him to the mat.”
Cody was the cat’s name
Cody complained that he should be tame.
Candy yelled at Cody for complaining on the mat
Cody cried, “I want to be a dog not a cat.”

#2:Tom told Trevor to try Terry's tarts
Trevor told Tom to taste them too
Trying to taste Terry's tarts topped telling
Twice times telling took tasting to try
Tell ten triers to taste Terry's tarts
So funny right? I collect this 2 poems by internet , it could be two interesting examples of poem using alliteration. There are many many examples of alliteration in poems that you can find by internet , websites, blocs,...
Hope that it useful for you.

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Tom told Trevor to try Terry's tarts

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Tom told Trevor to try Terry's tarts