Monday, November 28, 2011

Alliteration poems: Examples of mine, Artworks of yours

Just pick up a memory of the childhood, when we were in a kindergarten and the teacher held a game that everyone must imitate the sound of the previous person.” Let’s start, Ethan, Hello” and then something like” ello” come from the corner of the class. How funny it was to live that moment once more, and happy it is to discover that we’ve just know what alliteration is from the very beginning of our life.

Alliteration, the repetition of beginning sounds, is probably the most familiar, but there are also vocalic and consonantal echoes, whose repetitions are subtler. Appearing in almost every kind of art, such as poetry and music, it’s no doubt that everyone live with a small aspect of alliteration in their mind. My favorite type of echo I call a literacy echo. I use this technique when writing my essays, articles and so on. Rather than imitate others action like the childish game above, you repeat a topic or subject. If you’ve never tried it in your writing, give it a shot. It will boot the persuasiveness of your text a lot

Now come to the main topic today, alliteration poems for your own. As many forms of poetry have, echo verse began in the Classical Greek period. It’s a” a witty device know usually as echo verse and would simulate the syllabic repetitions and truncations of natural echo for satiric effect.” Generations of poems have put alliteration in their artworks, motivate it to make them adapt to the change needed. But you haven’t care about it. I will tell you the art of making your own poems with enough efforts.

After inviting the alliteration to come to your poem, please read that instruction. Alliteration is an echo of similar sounds, but don’t put them in your poem only to make strange noise, it’s such a waste. Be clever and purposeful with your echoes, let them sung and elevate your poem in the process. Be kind with our guests, because they’ve served you with all of their abilities.

Now I have a poem of mine, presented here as an example. Hope that it will motivate you a bit

Hold my hand, daughter, to the justice land
The flowers ‘re all 'round, looking for revenge
The road lies ahead, leading to the sins
And here comes the keeper, who's putting an end
To the left you go, there's no exist
To the right you run, soon you're enclosed
Appear the fairy, holding three necklaces
For the beloved girl, golden one is earned
The next is silver, the traitor receives
The last's made from bronze, villain belongs
While you're going out, a voice sings aloud
"The crimes you have done, never be undone
Though my soul is hurt, don't care who'll go first
All you daughters die, never your father cries"
The journey's over, the way out is here
How fun we're having, vengeance’s following
Things of me you learnt, no need to return
In the end you must pay and death is the fee.

***alliteration poem1***

Perfect Pair - by Love Buddy

Alliteration Poetry1

She is a shining star
Spot like a new luxury car
Sitting silently in a bar
Sipping slowly on her brew
Nicely neatly done hair
Short sky blue skirt
Sitting cross legged on a tall chair
We make a perfect pair

***alliteration poem2***

The Swamp's Blood

Alliteration Poetry2

It’s hollow in the swamps of you
With execution trees of a foul familiarity
And deep emerald collections of soiled slime
Allow coldness within the murky metaphor

It’s hollow in the swamps of you
And the ancient gnarled stalking sulkers
Wait patiently for their jaws to judge
Then insensitivity swirls to deafening darkness

It’s hollow in the swamps of you
While finding your psychotic violent verdict
That voracious aged instinctive ivory
Sinks into my defensive security skin

It’s hollow in the swamps of you
So slither sultry silence of certain satin scandals
And let my boiling blend of beaten biased baggage bleed.

***alliteration poem3***

Dazzling Diamonds - by: Adeleke Adeite

Alliteration Poetry3

Today, I learnt to optimize opportunities that open up,
to romance the radiance of the rainbow after the rain.
To gather golden grains before they turn to gross,
to pick pleasant pearls before the got plundered
and to blow beautiful balloon before they

Today I learnt to lean on the love of the Lord...
Carefully carry my cross & casting my cares on Christ,
dancing to the drumbeat of His decisions as my daily
putting my pride and passion on the platter of His
and walking wisely in His words, will and ways in this

Today I learnt not to despise those in distress,
discomfort & debt,
they are worms wallowing in worry that can wake up
to be wonders,
They may be in tears yet they have trailblazing tales
to tell,
They may look mean but they can be moulded to be
they may be dying in dirts and dross but they are
dazzling diamonds.

***alliteration poem4***

Fair sun - Written by: Anthony Onyeka

Alliteration Poetry4

Arise fair sun
and kill the envious moon
the very life blood of our enterprise
that has know size
for the present enterprise
set of his head
with a happy storm
before his very eyes
as he rise to pray
and goes to bed to work
for the makers
i will surprise
as the sun rises
arise fair sun


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